Prior to the COVID pandemic, the FAMUS course (also called FUSIC if you are from an ICU background) was run over an entire day. Then the FICE course (called FUSIC heart if you are from an ICU background) was run on the following day. Some candidates went to just one of the days, others to both days. The day was split into lectures and practical sim, and provided a great opportunity to meet others interested in point of care ultrasound (POCUS). It is from these courses many have begun their journeys into practicing POCUS.

During the COVID pandemic in a joint statement the FAMUS and FUSIC committees suspended the requirement to attend courses ( However, POCUS skills are very difficult to learn without the intense learning these two day courses which have been honed over many years provide.

Thus, we have developed a way to deliver these POCUS courses for those who wish to attend. 


1) Prior to attending the course please do the FAMUS/FUSIC e-learning via e-learning for health and/or FUSIC Heart e-learning (also via e-learning for health). The links for both are:

2) Then watch the lectures which will be sent out two weeks before the course. These would have been delivered on the day.

3) The day is now a half day and consists of a morning or an afternoon of scanning (not both). 12 candidates will be able to attend each session (ie morning or afternoon) and will be split into 3 groups of four.

Our next courses are on the 7th/8th of October and 2nd/3rd of December. To book a place click here: FICE/FAMUS course page.