Andy lung ultrasound on a EVE dummy

Primary Care POCUS

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POCUS can be used as a diagnostic aid in general practice to improve the quality of patient care and referrals into hospital. Primary Care POCUS is tailored to those skills and conditions relevant to the GP setting that are quick and straightforward to identify. Our expert faculty will teach lung, abdominal and MSK covering areas such as: pulmonary oedema, pleural effusion, COVID lung, pneumonia, bladder retention, ascites, AAA, abscess, cellulitis, sebaceous cyst, lipoma, lymph node, suspected foreign body, presence of an effusion and Baker’s cyst.

Lung ultrasound

The course is practical and skills based, we use real life models and a state of the art simulator to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. Our groups are small to maximise the amount of hands on scanning time so our delegates can quickly gain confidence in ultrasound. We aim to deliver these skills not only to GPs, but also other clinicians such as physician associates, paramedics, nurses and physiotherapists. 

Ultrasound probes can now be attached to a mobile phone or tablet, making them highly portable, accessible and affordable compared to standard ultrasound machines.


Price: £300

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