Perc Trache

This comprehensive and intensive workshop is designed to help develop the knowledge and skills that are required for perc trache insertion and management in critically ill patients.

Who is the course for?
Senior trainees, registrars and consultants in anaesthetics or ICU to learn about the safe insertion and management of percutaneous tracheostomies.

Format of the course?

  • Online pre recorded lectures to be watched before the course.
  • A manual sent out before the course.
  • On the course day half day of small groups practical sessions.

At the end of the workshop prospective candidates should be able to demonstrate the practical skills of endoscopic guided percutaneous trache placement and manage emergency complications under simulated conditions.

Course Venue

Royal Berkshire Hospital



  • Alison Liu, ENT Registrar

    As an ENT registrar I found this course really useful to understand the anaesthetic and ITU approach to tracheostomies. There was an excellent trainer to delegate ratio and lots of… Continue reading Alison Liu, ENT Registrar

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  • Charles Rich, Stage 2 EM/ICM Trainee

    This one-day course with a very experienced faculty was a great way of building confidence and proficiency in this important procedure. There are high fidelity practical sessions, simulations on the… Continue reading Charles Rich, Stage 2 EM/ICM Trainee

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