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The FAMUS course (also called FUSIC if you are from an ICU background) covers lung ultrasound, DVT, abdomen and vascular access.

The FAMUS course, also known as FUSIC within the ICU community, focuses on various aspects of ultrasound imaging. This comprehensive training program covers lung ultrasound, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) assessment, abdominal ultrasound, and techniques for vascular access. By participating in the FAMUS course, healthcare professionals gain proficiency in performing ultrasound examinations in these specific areas, enhancing their diagnostic capabilities and patient care skills.


1) Prior to attending the course please do the FAMUS/FUSIC e-learning via e-learning for health:

2) Then watch the lectures which will be sent out two weeks before the course. (Prior to COVID, these would have been delivered on the day.)

3) The day is now a half day and consists of a morning or an afternoon of scanning (not both).


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  • Abbi Tolputt

    I thought this course was brilliant and would highly recommend it. As a Physiotherapist, I wanted to particularly focus on the lung aspect of the course and the team supported… Continue reading Abbi Tolputt

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  • Prof. Daniel Lasserson

    Learning point of care ultrasound has been the most transformative skill for me in over 20 years of practising medicine. I got a fantastic foundation in POCUS skills from the… Continue reading Prof. Daniel Lasserson

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  • Dr Dipraj Limbu

    Excellent course with a great team of instructors. This 2 days FAMUS/FUSIC course offered very well-structured learning with lot of practical sessions allowing plenty of time to practice under direct… Continue reading Dr Dipraj Limbu

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  • Ramkrishna Ramnauth

    I was blown away by the knowledge of the staff and the facilities you have at Reading. I found the course very well organised with excellent online teaching materials available… Continue reading Ramkrishna Ramnauth

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  • Alex Hodson, Critical Care Physiotherapist

    I highly recommend this course as outstanding preparation for your POCUS journey. It was well organised with great facilities and resources. The trainers are experts in this field and very… Continue reading Alex Hodson, Critical Care Physiotherapist

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  • Faye Selby ICM Registrar

    I attended the (AIM POCUS academy) course in FUSIC heart and FAMUS in 2021 and found it to be a really in-depth, robust starting point to gaining formal accreditation in… Continue reading Faye Selby ICM Registrar

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  • Will Orchard Stage 3 ICM and AIM trainee

    An excellent, well organised and presented course which met all of my expectations. The course included lots of hands-on experience using live models while being supported by highly experienced trainers.… Continue reading Will Orchard Stage 3 ICM and AIM trainee

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